New communication tools

In these difficult COVID-​​19 times, it can be hard to stay in touch with your fellow network operators. To help you, we’re hosting some communication tools that NOGs are free to use. Team chat Mattermost Mattermost is a service that works like the commercial Slack service, but is open source. On request we can set up a separate Team space for […]

Looking for good speakers!

One of the difficulties Network Operator Groups often face is finding good speakers. Especially the NOGs in difficult to reach parts of the world (for geographic, economic, or political reasons) often struggle to find speakers that can share valuable knowledge with them. This is why we are making a list of good speakers that are willing to […]

What is a NOG?

Every so often people ask me “what is a NOG anyway?”. Many in our industry are aware of NOGs. But there are also many others, often exactly in the areas that need them the most, that have no experience with NOGs. Therefore a short introduction to NOGs is required. A NOG is a Network Operator Group, and they […]