New communication tools

In these difficult COVID-​19 times, it can be hard to stay in touch with your fellow network operators. To help you, we’re hosting some communication tools that NOGs are free to use.

Video calls

Jitsi is a video conferencing system like Zoom, but completely open source. It doesn’t have many fancy features like the commercial video conferencing systems have, but basic things like password-​protecting a meeting room, sharing your screen and muting participants are available. It is a really useful way to set up a quick meeting. Just go to jitsi​.nog​.community to create a meeting room.

Your privacy and security

We host our own instances of these services on our server cluster in The Netherlands. We make sure we comply with GDPR, and our services are privacy friendly. Backups are made daily and stored encrypted off-​site. Only GNA system administrators have access to the servers.

The Global NOG Alliance exists to help NOGs reach their full potential. We are starting by offering free tools to NOGs in need, from website & mailing list hosting to storage and event organising.

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