We are building a list of online tools that NOGs can use to promote themselves and what they are doing, interact with members, and help with hosting events and recruiting speakers. If you know of something that isn’t on the list, please get in touch!

Website hosting

Our hosting package

Here at GNA we are developing a standardised hosting package for NOGs. The whole package is completely free of charge.

What you get:

  • Free web hosting
  • A fresh WordPress installation tailored to your needs
  • Member lists and password protected member area as standard
  • Website design (if required) or transfer of an existing site
  • Monthly maintenance keeping WordPress up-to-date
  • Full administrator rights

Alternative options

If you don’t want to take us up on our offer of free hosting and services, there are also many free (or low cost) options available that will get you a pretty good website with not a lot of work. Here are some of them:

Website building tools you can use if you already have your own hosting include:

Mailing lists

We are offering free mailing lists to any NOG that would like one. Get in touch with us and we’ll find a good solution for you.

Events management

Organising a NOG event can get complicated. From easier ways to publish meeting agendas to presentation skills and sponsorship arrangements, we are researching workable solutions to common problems for NOGs. You can also tell us about your favourite meeting tools and we can spread the word.

Agenda publishing

We are working with CERN’s open source conference management tool Indico, to help make it work for NOGs. If you’re holding a meeting (real or virtual), get in touch with us and we can set you up.

Virtual meetings and video streaming

We have a dedicated Jitsi server that NOGs are free to use at any time to conduct meetings and events. Meetings can be password locked. Up to 60 people is possible, as long as everyone has updated their browser recently.

Document sharing

We are offering a dedicated NextCloud server for NOGs, which can also be linked to your GNA hosted website and members can use their website login details to access it.

You can host presentations, videos and more — whatever useful files you need for NOG meetings and administration.

Collaborative working

Our NextCloud server also includes the collaborative editing software Collabro Office. so members can work on presentations and documents together in real time.

Contact us if this sounds useful for your NOG activities.

Building communities

Our work in this area is still in the early stages. However we have set up various groups and channels on social media and elsewhere, and are available to talk to on this subject (and many more) there if any of these are your preferred medium:

Not seeing what you need?

The whole purpose of the Global NOG Alliance is to identify and look for solutions for the problems NOGs are experiencing. Why not tell us about it — we can work together to find a fix.