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What we do

We are a not-​for-​profit organisation here to make the internet better for everyone, by encouraging world-​wide cooperation in the internet community, supporting Network Operator Groups (NOGs) & tech communities around the world, amplifying the voice of Network Operators, and identifying and fixing common operational problems.

How we do it

We help you get good, relevant speakers for your events, amplify your voice so it is heard by the international internet community, develop best practices, set you up with the online tools you need — websites, mailing lists, and more. We can also arrange training and help you develop useful networking tools. All for free.

Our taskforces

Every now and again, a situation arises that requires the the tech community to mobilise. Our taskforces are set up to deal with those situations. Our first is the Keep Ukraine Connected taskforce, where we are attempting to create a platform so that we can collect and deliver what our colleagues in Ukraine need to keep the internet up and running. We are starting to develop more taskforces to help with other crises around the world.

Need help? Email us.

Do you need help with an existing NOG, with setting up a NOG or finding your community? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

Our services

Free advice for building your community

  • How to form a NOG
  • Recruiting members
  • Getting sponsors
  • Running a NOG event
  • Getting your voice heard in the international community

Free tools for your NOG

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Wanted! Your brilliant ideas

Got a great idea for an internet tool or a way we could help NOGs? Email us!

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