Our Task Forces

Our task forces

Every now and again, a situation arises that requires the the tech community to mobilise. Our task forces are set up to deal with those situations. Keep Ukraine Connected is the first such task force we have launched, but we hope to be able to apply what we learn on this task force to the many other emergency situations that arise around the world, every day, that could benefit from the global tech community coming together to provide mutual aid and more.

Keep Ukraine Connected

Тримайте Україну на зв’язку

With this task force we are trying to create a platform so that we can collect what our colleagues in Ukraine need to keep the internet up and running. We will be the link between the tech community, manufacturers, whoever else wants to get involved and Ukraine. Where absolutely necessary we can even transport the required hardware from Europe to the Ukraine. The aim of the “Keep Ukraine Connected” task force is not only to mediate, but also to actively help the Ukrainian internet stay up. Everything is organised on a voluntary basis, and is being paid from donations and from our own pockets. 

Want to help?

Keep Sudan Connected

We want to help our Network Engineer friends during this difficult time of civil war in Sudan.

Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters are on the rise and this is a reason for us to react.