Legal information

Legal information

Foundation Articles

The Global NOG Alliance is established as a foundation (stichting) under Dutch law. The official Foundation Articles are in Dutch, but we have a sworn English translation available as well.

Postal address

Stichting Global NOG Alliance
Tienwoningenweg 46
7312 DN  Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

Contact: info@​nogalliance.​org


Registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under registration number 73937088. You can download a digitally signed copy of the registration in Dutch or English. Our Dutch tax registration number (RSIN) is 859716375. Our EORI number is NL859716375.

Bank account

The Global NOG Alliance has a Dutch bank account at Bunq. We have multiple accounts there:  All of these are IBAN accounts with BIC/​SWIFT code BUNQNL2A. The bank’s address is: 

BUNQ B.V. Naritaweg 133 1043 BS Amsterdam The Netherlands