Internet Resources for NOGs

Resources for NOGs

Your NOG wants to have its own IPv6 address space for events, labs or training sessions? We can arrange it for you. SJM Steffann Consultancy, Sander Steffann’s company, has offered to assign or sub-​allocate parts of its address space to NOGs for free! The 2a00:8646::/32 prefix has been set aside for this.

What we can offer

  • an IPv6 assignment that you can use for yourself
  • an IPv6 sub-​allocation that you can use to assign IPv6 addresses to your members
  • an AS number (free as long as RIPE NCC doesn’t charge us for it)

We follow all the rules and policies of RIPE, so we may need to ask you how you are going to use the resources, but don’t worry, we want you to be successful! We will help you with any necessary paperwork. Routing the IPv6 addresses is not a requirement. If you want unique addresses to run a private network or a lab, and you don’t want something that looks more “real” than ULA addresses, then that is a perfectly valid reason.

How to request your addresses?

Please indicate the NOG you are requesting these resources for

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How can we contact you?

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