2023 and beyond: where GNA is going

After a productive Board meeting, we wanted to introduce you to some of our latest initiatives.

Taskforce: Keep Ukraine Connected

This project will continue while the war in Ukraine rages on. We have recruited Daniel Houben as the Taskforce Lead. Daniel has been amazing in supporting the project for some time, organising equipment and transports with great enthusiasm and skill. His contribution to the project cannot be overstated! If you have equipment donations or would like to talk to use about KUC, email: ukraine@​nogalliance.​org.

Taskforce: Keep Sudan Connected

We want to help our Network Engineer friends during this difficult time of civil war in Sudan to rebuild the destroyed communication infrastructure. We want to use our experience from Keep Ukraine Connected to help our local colleagues. For this purpose we are looking for colleagues from Sudan who can help us build a supply chain. We are also looking for a project lead from Sudan. If you are on the ground and want to help us, please email us: ksc@​nogalliance.​org.

Taskforce: Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters are on the rise and this is a reason for us to react. With Jan as Taskforce Lead, we want to set up a taskforce in which we look at and analyze natural disasters. Based on this experience, we want to develop a concept with local colleagues from all regions of the world on how to get affected and destroyed infrastructures back online as quickly as possible.  If you are interested in supporting us, please send us an email: dc@​nogalliance.​org.

How the Global NOG Alliance works: an update

During our latest board meeting, we made some decisions that we’d like to communicate with you all.

What we do

It is our continued mission to work with NOGs and help new NOGs get off the ground. These are two of our initiatives that focus on NOGs:

NOG Support

We have formed a specialized team, which is exclusively responsible for supporting NOGs the world over. This team is who you should contact if you plan to organize a Network Operator Group Meeting, or if you need support with starting up or growing your NOG Meetings.

We offer many service for free, along with the benefit of our long experience. Tools already available include: website hosting with membership logins, registration for events, calls for presentations including rating and judging for the programme committee, a Zoom License, and Jitsi Conference Calling tools.

We are also happy to facilitate any introductions to sponsors.

Furthermore, we are working on a set of guidelines called “How to establish a NOG”. Board member Florence is the first point of contact for NOG support. Email us: nog-​support@​nogalliance.​org.

New project: Sustainability

An increasingly important topic in IT, we want to be the link between environmental professionals and the network engineer and translate the requirements into the language of our NOG community so we’re all on the same page.

What does “Sustainability” mean to us as Network Engineers and how can we be Sustainable?

First we will create an archive of information and share information. The focus is to make everything mutually understandable.

We will build a network of sustainability professionals and create guidance that is understandable for network engineers.

The second part of our plan is to organize workshops during NOG meetings where we will share the knowledge of these sustainability professionals and above all work to make sure that everyone understands that we meed to do more to protect the environment, greenwashing is not the right thing to teach our next generation. If you are interested in becoming active here, please send email us: sustainability@​nogalliance.​org.