Looking for good speakers!

One of the difficulties Network Operator Groups often face is finding good speakers. Especially the NOGs in difficult to reach parts of the world (for geographic, economic, or political reasons) often struggle to find speakers that can share valuable knowledge with them.

This is why we are making a list of good speakers that are willing to travel. Have you just been to an event where you saw a speaker with great presentation skills presenting an amazing new technology? Or are you a speaker who wants to share experiences with other communities? Let us know!

We’re especially looking to increase diversity in the speaker pool — so people outside of the white male engineer stereotype are particularly welcome. 

Currently we are at the stage of collecting information on potential speakers. We will contact all speakers to make sure that they want to be on the list and all their information is correct. Once we have a diverse list of speakers we will publish the list and help NOGs with finding great speakers.

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