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Press resources

The story

About three years ago, a group of friends formed the Global NOG Alliance. The aim was to help Network Operators world wide connect with each other — near and far — so that knowledge about how the internet works and how we keep it running could get to all the nooks and crannies of the world, and communities all over the globe could benefit from long term, stable access to the internet.

Then the pandemic happened. The Global NOG Alliance pivoted to providing online resources that would help keep people connected in these difficult times, running international zoom meetings for fledgling Network Operator Groups in places like Uganda and Angola.

And then… Russia invaded Ukraine.

Returning from a humanitarian aid mission bringing food, bedding, clothing and more to Ukraine, our chair René Fichtmüller suggested we might see what we can do to help ease the burden of Network Operators in Ukraine. Pictures were circulating of Network Operators digging through the rubble to get to the fiberoptic cables that transport so much of our internet, and repair it. We wanted to help. We wanted to make use of our position at the crossroads of the Network Operator world.  Keep Ukraine Connected was born.

This taskforce is working with and supported by these Ukrainian organisations:

Ministry of Digital Transformation
Ministry of Digital Transformation
The Ukrainian Internet Association
The Ukrainian Internet Association
One of the largest IT- distributors in Ukraine
The Association of Rights Holders and Content Providers
The Association of Rights Holders and Content Providers

Our aims

  • Gather requirements from Network Operators and organisations in Ukraine
  • Record donated equipment in our database and match it with requests
  • Raise money to buy or match funds for equipment that is in short supply
  • Ship (with our partners) the equipment to the Ukrainian border
  • Enlist local help to properly distribute the equipment within Ukraine.


Current statistics

Last updated 3 April 2022
  • Donations promised : 2405
  • Donations already received: 49