Help us get more splicers!

Help us get more splicers!

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How to donate

Paypal requires a manual transfer, so there will be a delay in the total accurately reflecting your donation.

When you donate by iDeal, you should be able to see the total increase automatically! Please note — credit card options may not work outside of the Netherlands. Please use PayPal if this happens to you.

If you have leads on people who might be willing to donate quality splicers to our cause, want to offer match funding or have questions, please email us!

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*Three more splicers successfully purchased! Thank you all. 3 May 2022
* One more splicer added thanks to a generous donor! 17 May 2022
* Three more splicers added thanks to an exceedingly generous donation by a single party. 18 May 2022
* a big Thank You to the RIPE community who have helped us get at least 5 more splicers! 20 May 2022
* Hello NANOG! Thank you for letting us present! 6 June 2022
Thank you Finland! 12 June 2022
*…and CSNOG! — 21 June 2022
* Amazing support from NAMEX. 22 June 2022
*DE-​CIX did some brilliant fundraising, thank you! 28 June 2022

Your splicers in action

One of our splicers has already made it to Ukraine. Here it is in action in the Kharkiv region. However, they need many more if connectivity is to be restored in the now unoccupied regions. You can help Ukrainian Network Operators out by donating to this campaign. As you can probably imagine, fixing delicate fibre connections when you’re surrounded by unstable debris is not easy — let’s make it easier by sending more of the technology they need to make this happen. Read more about how this splicer is helping keep Ukraine connected.