Looking for board members

The Global NOG Alliance is now a little over a month old! Time to add more people to our board. Currently we have three white west-​European males on the board, and we would love to have more diversity and global reach.

What we are doing right now

GNA has kicked off with hosting our first website for NOGs (GRNOG in Greece *waves*). We’re looking at providing hosting for more NOGs further down the line.

What we want to do in the future

There is some open source software development we would like to support once we get some sponsors, and we are looking into acting as the legal entity for small NOGs so they can more easily attract sponsors and pay their bills for events.

What does being a board member mean?

Being a board member is a volunteer effort (not paid — we are a non-​profit and looking to attain charity status) to help to do good things for the global internet and the people who operate and use it.

We have a few board meetings a year, held remotely — so no travel necessary!

If you want to spend some time on determining the future of GNA, helping us find sponsors and coordinating our efforts for the benefit of the internet, please let us know! Email info@​nogalliance.​org for more information.

More details

For in-​depth background information check out this legal information about GNA.

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